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Founded in 2003 by graduate photo engineer Michael von Aichberger and graduate industrial engineer Gerhard Märtterer, AlphaPicture is now the world”s only independent image personalisation software service. Digital printers and e-mail marketers in Europe, America and Asia use the service via an online portal or interface. Thanks to special algorithms, the self-developed software allows the generation of high-quality, photo-realistic images in the shortest possible time. Private individuals can use the image personalisation free of charge at



The fully automated publishing server solution DocScape is the ideal link between PIM / CMS / marketing automation and digital printing for hyper-personalised print communication.
DocScape integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure. Personalised content streams are exported from various sources, aggregated and then converted into print-ready documents fully automatically.
Thanks to responsive print design and intelligent page optimisation, even very differently personalised content is always converted into high-quality, individually designed page layouts that do not show the automatic generation. Every recipient sees a document that has been personally designed for them.
DocScape, successful on the market since 2002, has been open-source since 2018 and is so performant that it has the power in its own data centre, online or in the cloud to provide thousands or millions of individually designed, hyper-personalised documents suitable for high-speed digital printing.
4R Innovation is responsible for the further development and marketing of DocScape, the design and implementation of projects for fully automated document generation, as well as consulting, integration and support. 



Laudert is Europe’s most experienced full-service partner for programmatic printing. As a market leader, Laudert brings greater relevance and emotion to the marketing mix. Together with IRS Nuremberg, part of the Laudert family, we pool our expertise in programmatic printing, creation, dynamic publishing and print services to ease the complexity of hyper-personalised print campaigns for the benefit of our customers and anchor it as a pillar of success in the marketing mix. Based on our “genow” software, we design and implement relevant print mailers that, thanks to emotional appeal and hyperpersonalisation, are instrumental in achieving a successful conversion rate. We are a one-stop shop for the entire process chain, from conception, creation, integration and automation to printing and dispatch. 
With over 600 media professionals at ten locations, Laudert is a strong partner for holistic product and brand communication with long-standing expertise in photography, media IT, media production and print services.



The technical solutions of locr maps make it possible for every reader to generate personalised maps that display directions and the surrounding vicinity by means of anonymised address lists. They are informative eye-catchers and establish a direct association between the reader and the advertising message, namely what is happening where. locr GmbH was founded in Brunswick in 2006 and initially developed a photo geotagging solution for online and mobile applications. Over the years, locr maps continued to develop as a technology for the print industry that enables the generation of personalised maps that display directions and the surrounding vicinity for purposes of direct mailing and photofinishing applications. Thanks to digital printing, these maps can also be integrated into customised print media concepts in large print runs.


Mayer digital   Wunderhub

For over 10 years, mayer-digital has been reliably supporting small, medium, and large enterprises on their path to professional corporate marketing, both locally and globally. With the cloud-based software WUNDERHUB, developed in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, consistent brand management becomes child”s play. mayer-digital is a member of the Mayer Group, one of the leading European corporate groups in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of shipping and packaging solutions. Since 2019, mayer-digital (formerly Novadex Cloud Services) has also been the group”s in-house competence center for the WUNDERHUB marketing platform, e-commerce development, and digital innovation. Combining the best of both worlds, new products and innovations emerge from the combination of analog and digital technologies.



We are visionaries and specialists in data analysis. With among the largest data volumes on the German market and our unique financial data, we are in a strong position to support our customers in all issues involving locations and target groups.
We have grown to become a leading specialist in customer intelligence, location intelligence and channel intelligence. With over 25 years of experience, we offer our customers data-driven solutions in the area of microgeographic market segmentation and provide them with a comprehensive portfolio comprising strategic target group models, socio-demographic and socio-economic data, data on consumer habits, and location and tracking data.
Our core expertise is locating data and consequently providing a geographic representation of target groups. This is how we can show you the most effective way of where to find your customers.



Founded in 2003, priint Group / WERK II is one of the world”s leading software providers of solutions for bringing product data to life. We believe there are two primary factors of successful marketing communication: 1.) the availability of information "on demand" and 2.) the "relevance" of the content. In terms of channel selection, the priint Group sees the combination of digital and offline measures as a key factor for a truly successful customer experience. The priint:suite brings digital transformation and automation to the creative lifecycle: whether as a scheduled or on-demand publication, standardized or personalized, in one or fifty languages.
To put it into perspective: companies that rely on the priint:suite achieve an increase in publishing efficiency of up to 80%.
The priint:suite can be operated in both the company”s own data center and in a private cloud environment operated by the priint Group / WERK II.



Founded in 2016, the owner-managed company WirbelWild provides a service for the automated generation of layouts with its multi-award-winning software system "ManyPrint Solutions". ManyPrint Solutions is available as a SaaS application and can be controlled both in the browser and via its REST API.
With ManyPrint Solutions, third-party interfaces can be contacted and integrated into the layout generation process. This makes it possible to combine data sets. Obtaining such information is done during the playout process, so that real-time data is applied in the sense of hyper-personalisation. These can influence the content and nature of a layout. Iterative processes can automatically optimise layouts and their content. In advertising, the system enables the application of digital strategies such as microtargeting, product placement and native advertising for print products for the first time thanks to 100% automation.
ManyPrint Solutions works template-free and generates high-quality layouts by adapting layout rules. These can be used as PDFs for print, but can also be exported as HTML and CSS for use on the web and in emails, as well as in many other formats. 
Notwithstanding its openness to different output channels, ManyPrint Solutions pays special attention to the creation of print layouts and supports complex products with special colours, fancy folds or elaborate finishes. It is suitable for mailings as well as for trade fair catalogues, cookbooks, travel guides and all other printed matter that needs to communicate information for a defined group or individual. 




Canon is a leading global provider of digital imaging solutions for consumers and businesses. Canon’s imaging technologies that target the consumer market comprise photo and video cameras, binoculars, printers, photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, projectors and network cameras. Professional imaging, which includes the professional Cinema EOS series and broadcast lenses, is among Canon’s more recent innovations. In the business segment, Canon’s product portfolio includes professional production systems and multifunctional printing systems, document management systems, large-format printers, software solutions and a wide range of services. 
Canon has been represented in Germany through its independent subsidiary since 1973. In 1995, the company moved its headquarters to Krefeld. 2013 saw the merger of Océ-Deutschland GmbH with Canon Deutschland GmbH. The company has a workforce of around 2,400 employees.



Antalis       d2b

Antalis is part of the Kokusai Pulp & Paper Group, a leading global distributor of paper, packaging and visual communications based in Japan. In Europe and Latin America, Antalis is the leading B2B distributor of products and services in paper (graphic and office papers) and industrial packaging, and number two in the distribution of visual communication media. The German subsidiary Antalis GmbH has its headquarters in Frechen. 
As part of its d2b initiative, Antalis supports collaborations between OEMs, printers, agencies, brand owners and associations such as fmp with PPA. In the area of Programmatic Printing, Antalis offers a mixed portfolio of substrates that are iperfectly suitable for digital press applications. 


Postal Services


Print Service Provider

Burda Druck

The media company Hubert Burda Media, which is so diverse today, was founded more than 100 years ago by Franz Burda as a printing company. Within the family business, Burda Druck has developed into one of the most modern and efficient printing groups in Europe.
Every day, over 1,000 tonnes of printed paper leave the production halls of the three sites in Germany and France, supplying customers with magazines, catalogues and advertising brochures.
We are experts for individual communication solutions in print. In association with Hubert Burda Media, we also offer extended services from content, layout, graphics and reproduction to distribution and data marketing.



As part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group, Campaign has been developing a wide variety of marketing and communications solutions with the appropriate technology and results analysis for over 25 years. Whether digital or traditional communication channel: Campaign stands for clever direct marketing campaigns that are created in close cooperation with customers. From consulting to strategy development and campaign implementation to results analysis, Campaign supports companies in efficiently implementing their marketing and communication solutions. At three locations, we produce your highly personalized mailing campaigns using high-quality digital printing, address and insert your magazines and catalogs, and selectively control inserts.



Individualization and personalization form the basis of successful and cross-media campaigns for high conversions and business success. 
For high conversions and entrepreneurial success.
For many years, dataform has been your innovative and strategic consulting and production partner.
For this purpose, 15 different digital printing systems for every run length range - toner- and 
inkjet-based - supplemented by creative and powerful finishing technologies and 
technologies and various upstream online store systems and software tools. 
The result is practice-oriented programmatic printing for successful cross-channel 
dialog marketing and customized haptic experiences for your target groups.
And thanks to state-of-the-art intralogistics, we are also happy to manage your POS and 
and advertising material campaigns through precise fulfillment.
250 enthusiastic employees look forward to the professional implementation of your campaigns
in the 90,000 m² modern new company building - and thanks to state-of-the-art construction, CO2 neutral.



The owner-managed company has been known for almost 30 years as a highly innovative digital printing company with back- and frontend programmers for lean processes and secure workflows - the Digital Print Group (DPG) is the partner for intelligent print and process solutions!
We take care of the process architecture as well as the programming up to the fulfillment.
Like no other technology, digital printing offers all the possibilities to produce print media in the highest print quality, flexibly and individually with the right customer approach - and all this at economical conditions.
Regardless of whether you are interested in demand-oriented book production with a wide range of finishing options, attention-grabbing large-format products, in classic business stationery, in individualized mailings, or in highly individualized products in programmatic print or technical documentation - DPG is the right partner for you. 
DPG is your competent and innovative partner for the realization of your ideas.
With more than 10 years of experience in the technology spectrum of full-color high-performance inkjet printing, DPG is now entering productive and economic dimensions with the new CANON Prostream 1000 dimensions previously reserved for offset printing - and with the full flexibility of digital data printing.
DPG has many years of experience in the field of programmatic print with our customers.



FUNKE combines print and digital offerings into cross-media formats that delight readers and customers. Emerging from the journalistic tradition of WAZ, FUNKE Mediengruppe has developed into a vibrant group that reaches 30 million people every month with its 12 regional newspapers, 40 magazines and over 100 advertising papers. For Funke, the holistic linking of print products and online portals is the key to the company”s high-reach success.
Funke Druck, the printing division of Funke Mediengruppe, operates three web stores for online printing in addition to its newspaper printing plants with the Smartpaper team. The aim is to use the strengths and potential of the newspaper medium to move into new areas of business. Both large and small customers have the opportunity here to create their own newspaper for companies, clubs and events and have it printed in the quantity of their choice.
As a highly personalized advertising newspaper, SmartpaperOne2One is the logical extension of the webshop innovations. The combination of addressing customers by name, direct addressing and variable editorial content makes each newspaper unique, creating points of contact and establishing a direct connection with readers. In combination with the live monitoring of LEADSMANAGER PRO, the behavior and interests of customers can be actively tracked and used for further acquisition. The fusion of the value of print and the flexibility of digital worlds make the SmartpaperOne2One an important interface that opens up new dimensions in advertising and customer communication.



OD provides companies with sustainable customer networks in print communication (one-to-one-Prints by OD).
More than 100 million print mailers a year are testimony to the confidence our customers have in us.
OD offers all the steps required in personalised print advertising from a single source: from data transfer to digital and offset printing, finishing, packaging, mail sorting, and distribution/shipping to recipients.
The OD CORE HUB plays a key role in this process. All data obtained from upstream processes is prepared into ready-to-print data. The CORE HUB also controls downstream processes. 
Data retrieved from marketing automation systems enables sustainable print campaigns as well as trigger-based, on-demand print mailers that are updated on a daily basis.
OD is committed to protecting the environment. Among other things, voluntary participation since 1998 in regular EMAS audits, the world”s most demanding environmental management system, and several other accolades and awards are testimony to OD’s commitment. To find out more, go to OD stands for sustainable marketing solutions for print and media production.  
The focus is on relationship marketing, corporate communications and e-procurement solutions for marketing. With 140 employees, OD is one of Germany”s leading printing companies and a pioneer and innovator in programmatic printing.


Rehms Druck

With around 130 employees and state-of-the-art machinery, we, Rehms Druck GmbH, are one of the most efficient print shops from the region. For many decades, we have been operating successfully as a full-service print shop in the fields of commercial printing, packaging printing and dialog marketing (print & online).

Our full-service print shop includes the following areas:
- Lithography (image retouching and mounting)
- Layout and graphics service
- Web2Print webshops for B2B and B2C
- Offset and digital printing
- Punching and gluing of packages
- Further processing to the finished product
- Packaging by machine and by hand
- lettershop
- Shipping logistics



Communication in all dimensions...
From high-volume web offset to high-end sheet-fed offset with enhancements, innovative 
innovative high-speed inkjet, target-group-oriented long-term advertising and professional 
services in direct and dialogue marketing and cross-media solutions.
More than 500 employees work for you around the clock at our production sites. With our wide range of machinery in all printing processes, we can handle all page counts and formats - from print runs of 1 to tens of millions.
Modern advertising measures serve offline channels (e.g. with print measures) and online solutions (e.g. with web shops, customer card systems, etc.) The decisive challenge we face as a future-oriented media service provider is to optimally prepare content for all output channels, regardless of whether for print or online media.
All together under one strong brand - Sattler Media Group.



SDV Medien+Service GmbH, together with the companies SDV Direct World GmbH and SDV Winter GmbH, stands for certified services in the field of dialogue marketing and omnichannel marketing automation with the highest level of information security. 250 experts in dialogue marketing and information logistics deliver personalised and individualised dialogues to your customers with over 250 million mailings a year.
With individually personalised messages and measurable conversions, we strengthen the success of our customers” customer journey, even across the most diverse touchpoints. We understand the message within the strategy and act as a sparring partner, analysing data and systems, orchestrating postage-optimised mailings and digital channels. Whether the print mailing is in the high-volume range or individualised in small quantities - we find the programmatic way.