Media partners

A good message alone is not enough. In order to promote the subject of programmatic printing at a global level, relevant “ambassadors” that achieve a wide coverage are also needed. The following media partners (in alphabetical order) support PPA in its mission:




Practical knowledge on digital transformation for media companies
DIGITAL PUBLISHING REPORT (dpr) is a specialist information medium on the digital transformation of the media industry: Readers are media and marketing professionals from publishing houses and other media companies, but also from agencies and industrial companies. The publishing house publishes a bi-weekly magazine (as a web magazine and as a PDF) and offers webinars and digital conferences in the "dpr academy".




Competent, incisive, opinion-makers. “Druckmarkt” has been the trade magazine for the print and media industry since 1996 and, with a focus on management-related issues and graphic arts, views itself as a magazine for entrepreneurs, investment executives and decision-makers. The combination of editorials, trends, news, interviews with the top brass, market reviews and background information offers invaluable insights into areas relevant to the printing industry. In addition, Druckmarkt offers an extensive range of printed publications, online information and the online PDF magazine “Druckmarkt impressions”.
The key topics reflect the developments in the industry and are specifically tailored to cover information and subjects that are vital for management executives and decision-makers.




Fundraising Magazin is a bimonthly publication issued in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The industry magazine for social marketing, donors, associations and foundations covers all subjects related to the financing and marketing of non-profit organisations. The readership is made up of people who work in non-profit organisations, aid and relief organisations, educational and cultural institutions, churches and agencies. To encourage a professional exchange among experts, regional fundraising days and the International Fundraising Symposium are held on a regular basis. Feel free to drop by and have a look!




Since 1900, Graphische Revue has accompanied the developments and trends in printed communication and the technology required for this. In a time of rapid change, Graphische Revue offers its readers valuable and targeted guidance six times a year: We analyse and document what is happening in the market throughout the entire paper-based value chain. Part of this concept is that we make topics. We inform and comment whenever it is appropriate. We ask uncomfortable questions, but also deliver pointed and comprehensive analyses about companies, strategies, applications and decisions. 
The target audience of Graphische Revue are print buyers, production people and experts involved in print production in advertising agencies or industry, as well as graphic designers or publishing manufacturers. In addition, the target group includes repro studios, commercial and packaging printers in all printing processes, bookbinders, logisticians. In addition to the printed magazine, Graphische Revue is also present on the internet at Furthermore, we inform our readers with a newsletter.




iBusiness is a future research think tank that focuses on interactive media, disruptive markets and digital transformation. By independently conducting market surveys, rankings and scenario planning, iBusiness researches markets and prepares them with extensively researched predictive analytics, scenarios and specific recommendations for action aimed at C-level decision-makers. Digital economy, e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail companies constitute the key sectors of the more than 41,000 registered iBusiness users including the top 1,000 German e-commerce companies and the top 250 Austrian and Swiss online retailers.


Melaschuk Medien


Expert know-how for marketing, publishing and cross-media solutions. MELASCHUK-MEDIEN.DE is the expert platform with know-how, news and expert articles on marketing, web-to-print, web-to-publish, multi-channel and cross-media solutions.
The portal provides an interactive web-to-publish market overview, thereby contributing to greater transparency in this complex market.
Complimentary digital versions of DAS Crossmedia-Buch – the definitive guide to cross-media and multi-channel solutions – are available online.




Digital transformation is also changing the way companies view their customers and consequently marketing, customer service and sales activities. ONEtoONE focuses on communication across all channels, across all stages of the value chain, using every media option available and along every step of the customer journey.
ONEtoONE views itself as a cross-media navigator through this ever-changing, fast-paced world of one-to-one communication between companies, employees and customers. ONEtoONE offers an overview of everything that marketing and digital media decision-makers need on a daily basis – for their projects as well as for their personal careers. ONEtoONE takes into account the needs of all readers: marketing and sales executives, those responsible for customer service and developing new business, chief digital officers of German SMEs, as well as decision-makers, managing directors and board members of advertising and communications service providers.



Print Matters

PRINTmatters is the largest Dutch-language platform about print.
The reader is a decision maker and employee in graphic media-, sign- and design companies. With its information, the platform covers the broad market of print in the world of visual communication. From labels to banners, from design to paper and material types and from brochures to programmatic print integrated into the communication process. Subscribers receive a glossy magazine 6 times a year full of inspiring background stories, interviews, technology and columns. 7,000 subscribers also receive a weekly newsletter. PRINTmatters also communicates with the community via their website, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. And … PRINTmatters annually organizes the PRINTmatters Vakdag, a conference fair that is visited by more than 1,000 decision-makers.




Many marketers are still under the impression that print media is rather uncool as an alternative channel. Many of the marketing decision-makers have grown up in a digital age and environment.
New developments in programmatic and interactive print media, however, present tremendous opportunities that minimise scatter loss and ensure greater attention and efficiency. Since 2020, the cross-media programmatic printing platform has actively been promoting genre marketing among the core target group comprising marketing decision-makers. Through various aids, tools and the expertise of its members, the platform connects solution providers with potential customers. High-quality, customised, special-purpose print media provides expertise, know-how and tools for marketing decision-makers who intend to implement the programmatic print channel. With updated content throughout the year, the web special plays a crucial role in attracting not-so-print-savvy marketers.




Publisher is the leading Swiss trade magazine for publishing and digital printing. As a magazine for professionals, Publisher provides up-to-date and well-founded information on trends and news in the areas of prepress (layout, illustration, image processing, workflow), digital printing, large format printing and digital photography. The Publisher is also the official publication of the Werbetechnik+Print Association and of the "InDesign User Premium".




Founded in 1961, Versandhausberater (literally: mail order adviser) is the weekly newsletter for mail order, cross-channel and online retail, service providers and suppliers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It informs its readers about the latest developments in the mail order business, offers valuable advice, identifies future trends, and offers a look behind the scenes of the entire industry.
Versandhausberater’s target group comprises decision-makers who, in their capacity as owners, board members or executives, are directly responsible for the procurement of services.