On 20 January 2022, f:mp. (Fachverband Medienproduktion/the German association of media professionals) and Maertterer one-to-one founded PPA, the Programmatic Print Alliance. PPA brings together those who share common interests and goals, namely potential clients/advertisers for programmatic printing with the publishing industry.

Aimed at the generic marketing of programmatic printing, PPA is closely intertwined with the publicity of the platform, which publishing house HighText Verlag have been operating since 2020 under its proprietary brand ONEtoONE. The interrelationships are presented by the layer model

Layer Model

Across all layers, we are repositioning print in the emerging cookieless era: moving away from mass printing to relevant, highly customised print products that are integrated into modern omnichannel marketing concepts and implemented to reach the right target groups, at the right time, through the right channel, and with the right message (4R model). 

We demonstrate how and where the physical medium of paper, with its multisensory impact, is more promising than conventional forms of display advertising, content, search engine, e-mail, influencer, affiliate and social media marketing concepts.
The main focus of publishers HighText Verlag is on the marketing sector. The target group includes 75,000 subscribers from marketing and sales departments as well as advertising agencies. In contrast, PPA’s main focus is on the publishing industry (prepress, printing, post-press, data management, addresses, analytics and technology).
The combination of high-speed/high-quality inkjet printing, innovative marketing automation methods and artificial intelligence opens up new avenues for successful customer communication. PPA aims to further this potential of programmatic print advertising in theory and, in particular, in practice. 
The spheres of action are thus clearly defined: while HighText Verlag, in its capacity as an ambassador, publishes the opportunities, potential and cases of programmatic printing, PPA itself develops innovative ideas, concepts and projects that have become reality with these new technologies.

From pilot projects to case studies

PPA initiates innovative pilot projects in programmatic printing and brings together potential clients and providers. Ideally, such pilot projects are the trigger for lucrative long-term business and demonstrate the opportunities and potential of programmatic printing to the entire industry.
The pilot reports are published as case studies and articles in the trade journals and online magazines of HighText Verlag for the target groups comprising potential clients and agencies, and are simultaneously made available to the magazines, DRUCKMARKT and DRUCK & MEDIEN with a focus on print service providers (PSPs). Furthermore, the case studies can be used by those print service providers, software companies and equipment manufacturers involved in the relevant pilot project for their in-house corporate publishing requirements.

Being proactive and taking the initiative

The PPA team is made up of leading experts and procurers who personally have access to major advertisers in e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail, and to brands covering the tourism, finance, insurance and automotive industry. This is how PPA extends its reach to decision-makers representing the clients and consequently achieves high production volumes. Suitable PPA members are invited to participate in a bidding process for the acquired pilot projects. Contracts are awarded by clients. PPA has no influence on the client’s decision. Being a PPA member does not automatically imply or guarantee the acquisition of projects.